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ARMO  Corporation Pte Ltd    
Our Company    
  ARMO Corporation Pte Ltd            
  A company established to provide AC and DC power system solutions for industrial applications.         
  If you are in need of a:                
  - UPS, an electrical back system to handle power failures;              
  - rectifier to run an electrochemical process such as electroplating, aluminium or titanium anodizing;
  - power supply for on-site chloration system or water purification for the pharmaceutical industry or e-coating application,  
  ARMO is your partner.        
  Our business is to convert electrical energy supplied by public utilities into necessary electrical energy to drive your process. Together with our German partner, MUNK GmbH, we provide state of the art power supplies for industrial sectors.   
  In addition to our standard range of power supplies, we also focus on tailor-made solutions. With our long-proven manufacturing expertise in engineering, we extend support to our clients to develop the most suitable technical solution to suit their application.  
  Our technical sales team will support you through the project conception and order process. We will also help to define your need by specifying the optimal power supply or controller for your process.  
  All our products are 100% tested under full load conditions and sent for quality inspection before shipment. Our workforce is dedicated to R&D to ensure that you will always get the best available technology.  
  More importantly, our sales do not stop at pre-engineering work. We also offer complete after-sales facilities that include stocking spare parts, commissioning and repair services for our own brands and others.  
  Our product portfolio ranges from low-current desk top laboratory units of 1 A for the electronic industry up to power supplies with a capacity of a 100,000 A for the refining industry, employing switch-mode, SCR and variable transformer technologies.
  If you are in need of a rectifier for:                
  - aluminium anodizing,                
  - colouring of aluminium,                
  - reel-to-reel line for electronic components,                
- copper-nickel-chrome plating for plastic parts,    
  - hard chrome for cylinders,                
  - or pulse power supplies for the printed circuit board industry,              
  ASK US.                   
  All our highly advanced and precision-controlled solutions are designed to give you a clear and competitive edge.           
Product innovation & Quality assurance are our traits.
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